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Roka Akor

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  • 7299 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, USA
  • (480) 306-8800
  • www.rokaakor.com/

You may feel like you have to go to a place like New York or Los Angeles to eat at the “Best Sushi Restaurant in the US” (Travel & Leisure Magazine), but look no further than your own backyard. Right here in Scottsdale, Roka Akor is here to delight you with unparalleled sushi, sashimi, and Japanese cuisine. Once, in order to enjoy this restaurant, you’d have had to break out your passport to travel to Europe for a taste of Roka. In 2008, the restaurant was opened in Scottsdale under the name Roka Akor by Dr. John N. Kapoor who owns JNK Concepts. Akor was added to the name to show that it is a direct reflection of the East on the Western hemisphere, and nothing has been compromised when jumping across the pond.

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